Michael protested at Paramount!

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If you aren’t aware, there is both an actors and writers strike currently happening and actors and writers who are members of the WGA and SAG-Aftra have been protesting outside Paramount, Warner Brothers, Netflix, and more. While we have been covering the details of the strike in a few of your sessions, I want to explain them a bit more in detail.

These strikes are meant to ensure current and future actors will be paid fair wages, residuals, and not have their likeness abused through future technologies like AI. They are meant to protect your future, and create new opportunities for all of us to make a living out of our passion.

I was lucky enough to go striking with two good friends of mine. One, an actor who I got started with back in Cleveland, who has gone on to have an amazing career in Atlanta, Kurt Yue (Cobra Kai, Black Widow, Haunted Mansion) and another actor that I got started with as well, who still lives out here in Los Angeles Sergio Sanchez (Snatched, Criminal Minds, Psychic Visions).

If any of you are in LA and interested in attending any of the strikes, please let me know and I can see if we can coordinate a group of performers to go striking with us.

And as usual, I look forward to seeing you all in our next session!