Prepare For Your Callback

Congratulations on getting a callback. Click the photo of Michael for a quick training video on how to prepare for a callback! Afterwards read the following page thoroughly as it contains a unique password you will need to schedule your date and time.

At your callback we will meet with you in a one-on-one setting, interview you further, and have you perform your material again. Our callback is designed to gauge your needs as a performer, and help put a plan together to take that next step towards being an actor. And for our performers who are 18 or under, please have your parent or legal guardian attend your callback and review this page as well. Good luck!

What makes our work with talent so special?

We guide you through every part of this industry step by step. Teaching you the business side and the performance side. And when you are ready, we introduce you to agents and managers all across the country that are looking for new talent.

Training and development

Training is a crucial part of being an actor. Work with our team on practical acting and audition techniques to help naturally connect with your material. Unlock the truth in your work and yourself as an actor in our proven techniques. Learn that the secret to acting, isn’t a secret at all. It’s you being yourself. The trick is getting there.

Performer portal

Gain access to a robust database of training resources, guides, and more to help support your live sessions. Develop industry standard tools and sharpen your materials from our guides and resources.

Audition workshops

Since 2020 this industry has changed to where in person auditions are no longer necessary. That means self-tape techniques and audition work are crucial to an actors success. Our online acting work revolves around on-camera techniques meant to prepare you for auditioning. That also means you don’t need to live in Los Angeles anymore!

Success stories

We have a proven track record of success. But don’t take our word for it, hear from some of our past performers. For our success stories click here and for performer reviews click here.

Industry showcases

Join our bi-monthly industry showcases where we invite award winning agents and managers to meet you. Our showcases give our talent an exciting goal to work towards. With our talents hard work resulting in callbacks and even representation.

Attention to detail

From having the right head shots, a proper self-tape setup, or building your first reel, this is a detail oriented industry. And our team is here to make sure you have every tool you need as an actor. Your resume, acting reel, or head shots shouldn’t hold you back. Neither should not having them. That’s why we are here to help. Every step of the way.

Your acting career begins today

The foundation of any actor begins with professional tools, training and opportunity. And we don’t just prepare you how to act, we prepare you for once in a life time opportunities. Our industry partners represent actors on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, BET, Disney, Nickelodeon, and more. And our training and development programs are designed to help prepare you for these opportunities. During your callback, we will meet with you to help decide the right path for you in your training and development with our team. Please use this password to schedule your callback: 8ny11bz