Frequently Asked Questions

Michael Grepp, one of our acting and development coaches at The Talent Spot.

“What does The Talent Spot do, are you an agency?”

We discover, develop, and train actors and aspiring actors of all skill levels across the United States and even internationally. And when they are ready, we help connect them with leading agents and managers across the US. We teach our performers all the tools they need as an actor, empower them in how to find acting opportunities and how to professionally pursue them. We also train our performers in practical acting and audition techniques that have helped our current and past performers book work, get agency callbacks, and even representation. Once our performers are ready, we give them the opportunity to perform everything they have learned and the materials we have helped them develop. These performances are a part of our bi-monthly industry showcases that we hold for leading agents and managers across the US. These are SAG-AFTRA franchised agencies we have worked with for years, with many signing multiple performers of ours. We are not an agency, instead we help develop and polish performers for agents and managers. It can be a lot of work to know how to navigate this industry, or what an agent or manager is looking in an actor and that’s where we come in!

“What do your performers say about working with The Talent Spot?”

People seem to really like working with us, but instead of hearing it from us, watch the video below!

“Where are you located, and is it free to audition?”

We are located right outside the heart of Hollywood at 5419 Hollywood Blvd Suite 400. There is no cost to register to audition for our team and find out if acting is for you! Part of our audition process is to give new and aspiring actors an opportunity to learn more about this industry and for us to gauge their potential. If you are selected by our team after your audition we will likely invite you to participate in a specialized training program designed for you. Our training and development program’s aren’t free, however we strive to make them affordable for families and performers from all backgrounds.

“Who are some of the agencies I might audition for?”

We work with a diverse and unique selection of agencies, management groups, production companies, and industry partners that work with talent of all backgrounds and experience. Some of them being AEFH Talent Agency, Luber Roklin Entertainment, Capital Management, Beck Talent, Savage Agency, HRI Talent, Off Hollywood Studios, Dream Talent and Loserville Animation. Our industry partners work with industry leading talent and are always seeking to grow and diversify their roster of talent. And our goal is to help provide that for them along with providing our talent opportunity to excel and grow their career in entertainment. You can also learn more about us professionally by visiting our IMDb Page

“Is The Talent Spot legitimate? Can you share more details”

We know this can be an intimidating industry, so we want to share as much information as needed to make you as comfortable as possible in working with our team. In order to train and develop talent in the state of California we have a talent service bond. Please see our Talent Service Bond registered with the state of California here. This bond means we follow all California entertainment industry laws, and are certified to train and develop talent. If you would like to learn more about us and our team, hear from some of our past performers or read reviews from past performers here. And for even more details about The Talent Spot, the back in July of 2023 several of our team members were interviewed by Voyage LA, you may read that article here!

“The odds of working as an actor are 1 in a million!”

You are absolutely right that pursuing a career in entertainment can be challenging, and for someone that doesn’t have existing relationships in the industry or who doesn’t live here in Los Angeles or New York City, getting started can seem daunting. BUT that’s where we come into play! Our job at The Talent Spot is to help prepare you for ever facet of the entertainment industry. To teach you how to navigate this industry and learn both the acting and business side of things. But most of all we give you the opportunity to show what you have learned and your talents for Agents and Managers looking to represent you! Do you see those head shots on the right of this text? We discovered and developed all of those performers amongst so many more!

“What are your New Talent Auditions”

They are an opportunity for new and aspiring actors to audition virtually and be discovered by our team of professional actors and industry executives. With the goal then to help polish and develop your skills to learn how to navigate this industry. And eventually audition and showcase for industry leading agents, and managers across the US. We work individually with our talent to help prepare them for every aspect of the entertainment industry. From the business side, to the acting side; like working on cold reads, honing your audition skills, picking the right headshots, and ultimately preparing specifically selected material to perform for agents and managers who are LOOKING TO REPRESENT YOU! Some of our industry partners represent talent on Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and Nickelodeon, to name a few.

“But who is behind this and what’s their background?”

Working actors, producers, entertainment consultants, talent managers, producers, casting directors, and studio executives make up our dedicated team of industry professionals. Whether auditioning talent for leading agents and managers, shooting a pilot with Emmy nominated actors, starring in a network drama, or selling a licensing deals or new content to streaming networks, we’ve done it all! And we want to share with you all of our knowledge, experience, and connections to get you a head start. And if you’d like, you can read and learn even more about some of our talented team HERE!

“Where Might I find The Talent Spot’s Reviews”

We like to think our work speaks for itself, especially when we see the progress our talent makes. However you are more than welcome to lookup our Google Page, and below is a quick selection of some recent reviews from some of our customers, notice our perfect rating on Google!

You may click HERE to see our Google reviews page

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*The Talent Spot LLC is not a Talent Agency, we are a talent showcase and acting studio offering selected individuals in-depth training, coaching and an opportunity to meet, train with, and showcase in front of leading SAG franchised agencies and managers.  The Talent Spot LLC does not provide any auditions for employment or career management or agent services. Only a talent agency, licensed pursuant to section 1700.5 of the labor code, may engage in the occupation of procuring, offering, promising, or attempting to produce employment or engagements pertaining to the entertainment industry for an individual.
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