Prepare For Your Callback

Please Read The Information Below Prior To Scheduling

Congratulations on receiving a callback! Please watch this video and review the entire page to prepare for your callback.

Be prepared to perform your commercial again. We will also be looking to see how you take direction and implement the notes from your original audition and this video. This is a detailed oriented industry, where a simple oversight or mistake can be the difference between booking a role or signing on with an agency. Our callback is designed to reflect this process, so please take your time to prepare, and schedule your meeting with our team when you are ready. We want to set you up for success, and our callback process reflects this.

How To Prepare For Your Callback

At the end of your callback we will gauge where you are at as an actor, and see how we can help you get to where you need to be. We will make training and development recommendations to help prepare you in your journey, and help get your acting and performance materials to the level of the agents and managers we work with.

We train and prepare our performers on “Industry Standard Tools”, “Practical Acting Work”, and “On Camera Audition Techniques”. We then give them the opportunity to show their work and materials for industry leading agencies and management groups that we have relationships with.

Below you may find a list of our different training and development programs. These programs have been successful in helping actors of various skill levels grow in their work, develop industry standard tools and materials, book roles, and get representation.

Our goal is to help you invest in yourself and your film and television career. Having a career in acting does involve investing time and resources in yourself, whether it is head shots, training, or registering on casting sites. And we are here to guide you through that whole journey. These investments you make in yourself as an actor can eventually pay off. We prepare you for every aspect of the entertainment industry, and empower you to feel confident as an actor.

If chosen as part of the callback process please be prepared to register for one of our training and development programs above. To schedule your callback you will need to use a special password designed only for you to schedule your callback. You will need to use the password 8ny11bz to access our callback scheduling page below.

Only schedule your callback after you have reviewed this page.

See the videos below to hear from past performers