We are excited to share a few of the many positive words our performers have had to say over the years. Meet some of our past performers, and learn more about The Talent Spot. Don’t hesitate to stop by our Youtube channel to hear from them directly.

Jordan L.

Birmingham, AL

“I’m having an amazing time here at The Talent Spot. They are teaching me so much about acting and they give great advice and feedback on my performances. The Talent Spot staff are very professional and I am very grateful to be apart of this team.”

Kaylin P.

Harrisburg, PA

“The most valuable thing I learned from The Talent Spot was to make sure to think of your audience… and what I learned from my monologue sessions with The Talent Spot was really helpful. Because it helped me get the role of Fiona in my schools musical”

Parker W.

Nashville, TN

“My experience with The Talent Spot was great, I learned so much about acting and it helped build my confidence. Whether it was adapting for a new role or going into an audition, I felt prepared. The people are so nice and it was a great experience. If you’re interested in working with The Talent Spot, just do it. It’s some of the best training I’ve ever gotten and it’s given me great opportunities. Thank you Talent Spot!”

Emma K.

New York City, NY

“This was such a great experience! I had never taken a commercial class before, and now I can look at a commercial copy and feel confident with it super quickly. I love that they offered a showcase at the end of the training program where I got to meet different agents and managers and hear about what they look for in actors. Great program!”

Penelope H.

Palm Bay, FL

“The experience at The Talent Spot was great. Being new at all this I was confused and didn’t understand a lot of things but the team always took the time to explain and answer any questions/concerns I had as a parent. Regardless of the outcome it was a learning experience and its just the beginning for my baby girl. Special thanks to Ms. Annabelle and Mr. Michael for always having words of encouragement and being such a positive support system.”