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For your callback, our talent scouts will meet with you one-on-one (and a parent or guardian if 18 or under). If you are 18 or under, we will want to meet with your parents as well, so PLEASE make sure they read everything on this page along with you, because they are an important part of the callback process! As part of your callback we will have you perform your commercial again, ask you questions about your acting experiences, hobbies and just get to know you better and see more of your personality. At the conclusion we will give you direct feedback, make potential training recommendations based on your experience and skill level, and make our final roster decision for our industry showcases. If you’re curious on how to impress us, it’s actually really easy, just relax, have fun and be yourself 🙂

“Luck is what happens when preparation and opportunity meet.”

Regarding the talent we scout, we only present talent to agents, managers, and our industry partners that are well polished and ready for representation; or new raw talent that has potential and is ready to work with our team. We train and prepare our performers on “Industry Standard Tools”, “Practical Acting Work” and “On Camera Audition Techniques” and give them the opportunity to show those techniques and skills for industry leading agencies and management groups. You will learn how to present yourself as a professional actor to casting directors, how to book work through self submitting, and be given a myriad of tools, guides, and personalized industry standard training by our professional team.

You may wonder do I need training and am I paying to audition for representation? When necessary, we make recommendations for our talent to help get their performance at the caliber expected by the agents and managers we work with. The agents and managers we work with represent working actors on shows like Stranger Things on Netflix, Euphoria on HBO, The Goldbergs on ABC, and many more. Due to the high caliber of performers they represent, there is an expectation of the talent level of the performers that showcase for them. You are not paying to audition or be represented by them.

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Our goal is to help you invest in yourself and your film and television career by preparing you for the opportunities ahead and empowering you to know how to pursue and book them. Due to the competitive nature of this industry, we are only seeking dedicated and driven performers. This is because pursuing a career in acting does involve investing time and money in yourself, whether it is headshots, training, or registering on casting sites. With that said, it can be an investment in yourself that can be invaluable, and our goal is to prepare you for every aspect of the entertainment industry!

If you have not booked a national commercial, Network TV or Non-Independent Film roles, or do not have formal training through an established program, please read the information below to learn more about the training we offer for our newer performers. If selected you will have the opportunity to learn every angle to pursuing a career in entertainment, from established and successful actors and industry professionals dedicated to your success.

If chosen as part of the callback process please be prepared to participate in the registration process for our training program. Depending on the outcome there may be a small fee for training and preparation in your selected categories that will be due.

You will need to use a special password designed only for you to schedule your callback. Prior to scheduling your callback please continue to read the information below about how we develop our performers. You will need to use the password 8ny11bz to access our callback scheduling page along with any further password protected documents.

Meet one of our performers from Tennessee who we helped get an agent here in LA

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Meet one of our performers and hear what they have to say about working with us!

Only after you have reviewed all of the information above do we ask that you schedule your callback. Please take this time to prepare for your callback, and only schedule with our team when you feel confident and ready to share more about yourself and perform your commercial. If you are 18 or under please ensure that your parent or guardian has read this material as well prior to scheduling because they are an important part of this process. Our scheduling link below is password protected so we hope you read through all the information above to get your code.

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Agency Callbacks From Our November 6th 2022 Showcase