May 13th Showcase Details


  • Showcase Date: Saturday, May 13, 2023
    Start Time per Time Zone:
    Pacific (PT) – 10:30 AM
    Mountain (MT) – 11:30 AM
    Central (CT) – 12:30 PM
    Eastern (ET) – 1:30 PM
  • NEW Showcase Zoom Link:
  • Showcase Manual: THE TALENT SPOT – SHOWCASE MANUAL (Please read!!)
  • Showcase Schedule: (TIMES LISTED IN PACIFIC, Adjust to your time zone) 
    10:30 – 10:45 AM PT…….. Showcase Final Prep
    10:45 – 10:55 AM PT……. Break
    10:55 – 11:00 AM PT…….. Performers Ready on Zoom
    11:00 – 11:05 AM PT….…. Industry Guests Intro
    11:05 – 11:20 AM PT…..… Agency & Manager Q&A
    11:20 – 12:00 PM PT…….. Showcase Performances
    12:00 PM PT……………… Showcase Close
  • Final Run-Through: Join at 10:30 AM PT on Saturday, May 13 (refer to the times listed above for your time zone) 
  • Returning performers, perform only the material that you worked on with our team. Now is not the time to try something new.
  • If you have submitted a self-tape, you are still welcome to watch the showcase if you are available.
  • Performer Roll List: Final list will be shared tomorrow, please confirm the categories you are listed to perform. You may reply to this email if you need to make any updates.
  • Zoom setup: Refer to page 11 of the Performer Manual and the example below from one of our previous showcases. The performers circled in this image have the right setup: lighting, camera placement, and wardrobe. Wardrobe guidelines can be found on page 10 of the Performer Manual. Setup like you would a self-tape. Frame yourself from just above the elbow to the top fo your head, leaving only a couple of inches above your head.

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