Success Stories

All of the performers below have worked hard at their craft, and we take pride knowing that we have helped them along the way. Whether it’s booking TV or film roles, signing with leading agencies, or even landing the lead role in their school play. We are proud of all of our performers and their accomplishments, and would like to share a few success stories below.

Parker Wallace

Nashville, TN

We met Parker back in 2021 when he was just 13 years old. He had some acting experience under his belt but wanted to branch out. After training with our team he was invited to perform for various agencies and managers. And he eventually signed with The Savage Agency here in Los Angeles. They represent a Marvel Avenger, talent on Disney’s Villains of Valley View, Riverdale, and more. Hear from Parker here and his mom too!

Kalyn Paradis

Harrisburg, PA

After working with Kalyn on a monologue, she booked the lead role in her schools play. Little did she know this was just the beginning. Eventually her hard work and training with our team led to her signing with an award winning agent at AEFH here in Los Angeles. They represent actors on Stranger Things, Danger Force, The Book of Boba Fett, and more. Hear from Kalyn directly!

Cincere Temple

Toledo, OH

When we met Cincere he was about to start his senior year in High School and was dreaming about the future after. What he lacked in acting experience, he made up for with his drive to learn and grow. And we are proud of the success he has had since working with our team. Cincere has gone on to book various roles around Ohio along with becoming a prolific filmmaker and writer. Click here to see!

Ian Macgillivray

New York City, NY

A recent grad of Emerson’s school of acting, Ian came to us with training, but still needed some help. This was an opportunity for us to refine Ian’s acting reel, headshots, and fine tune his commercial work. We invited him to perform for several agents and he went on to receive multiple offers of representation, eventually signing with HRI. And not too soon after, Ian booked a film coming out in 2024 starring Zendaya, see here!

You create our own luck

There is a saying, that luck is where opportunity and preparation meet. Sometimes we hear stories about actors becoming overnight successes, when truthfully we don’t know all the hard work that brought them where they are. At The Talent Spot, we give you specialized training, industry standard tools and unique opportunities, to help you get to where you need to be.

Grace Lebron

San Juan, PR

Grace is proof that you don’t need to live in Los Angeles to be an actor, because she lives in Puerto Rico! During her time working with our team she began booking local work and background roles for movies and TV shows. And her hard work with our team and dedication to her craft led to her being offered representation with The Savage Agency here in LA! We are so proud of Grace for her dedication, learn more about her here.

Jordan Lee

Birmingham, AL

This industry can take time, and Jordan’s perseverance working with our team is further proof that acting is a marathon. When Jordan originally auditioned for us it was hard to get him to open up, but we saw potential. In the 5 months we worked with Jordan his confidence emerged as an actor. His hard work resulted in multiple agency meetings and callbacks! And we are so proud of the work Jordan has put in. Meet Jordan and his family here.

McClean Peterson

Los Angeles, CA

When McLean came to audition for us she was at a crossroads in her acting career and looking for a change. We were able to help refine her website, acting reel, head shots and help her develop a great monologue. Not only did McLean go on to accomplish her goals of a fresh new start, but we were so happy for her when a few of our team members saw her in a national commercial you can check out here.

Sabrina Cardassi

Orlando, FL

A social media influencer, Sabrina came to us with no acting experience but a desire to learn. After working with our team on her acting, she eventually went on to begin booking work. And her persistence and dedication to her craft led her to booking one of her favorite roles, starring in a horror film! Sabrina still continues to follow her dreams, and you can hear from Sabrina directly here.

Could this be you?

These are just a few of the stories of the diverse talent we have worked with. And we hope it inspires you to see that no matter what your background is in this industry, that there is a place for you. Whether you have never acted in your life, or are looking for new representation, we work with talent ages 4+ of all skill levels and backgrounds. Interested in learning more? Register to audition below!