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Our story

We know how tough this industry can be. That’s why we want to make acting fun, approachable, and possible for everyone. We want to show you this industry doesn’t have to be about who you know or where you live. Instead, it’s about having the right approach to your work, and just being yourself. We have been in your shoes before, and we know what it takes to get started in this industry. So let us help you!

Being an actor can be a reality, let us show you how.

Our team has a combined 55 years of experience in various roles in the entertainment industry. From acting, film-making, and casting, to training and developing talent. And our reputation for talent development has led to invaluable relationships with agents and managers. They look to us for new and aspiring actors, with many of our performers going on to getting representation and even booking roles.

Wondering how to learn more about what we do, or even get started? Join us in one of our New Talent Auditions!

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Hear from past performers

Wondering what it’s like to work with our team? Meet a few of our past performers below and hear from them directly.

Parker Wallace

Nashville, TN


“I learned so much about acting and it helped build my confidence. Whether it was adapting for a new role or going into an audition, I felt prepared. If you’re interested in working with them, just do it. It’s some of the best training I’ve ever gotten and it’s given me great opportunities.”

Click Here for Parker’s Testimonial

Kalyn Paradis

Harrisburg, PA


“The most valuable thing I learned from The Talent Spot was to make sure to think of your audience… and what I learned from my monologue sessions with The Talent Spot was really helpful. Because it helped me get the role of Fiona in my schools musical”

Click Here for Kalyn’s Testimonial

Jordan Lee

Birmingham, AL


“I’m having an amazing time here at The Talent Spot. They are teaching me so much about acting and they give great advice and feedback on my performances. The Talent Spot staff are very professional and I am very grateful to be apart of this team.”

Click Here for Jordan’s Testimonial

What makes our work with talent so special?

There is more to this industry than just acting, and we are here for every step of it.

We guide you through every part of this industry step by step. Teaching you the business side and the performance side. And when you are ready, we introduce you to agents and managers all across the country that are looking for new talent.

Training and development

We work with our talent on practical acting and audition techniques to help them naturally connect with their material. Our team of working actors and coaches help performers of all skill levels unlock the truth in their material, and themselves. And the work our performers have booked, along with their agency signings, is proof of our methods.

Audition workshops

Since 2020 this industry has changed to where in person auditions are no longer necessary. That means self-tape techniques and audition work are crucial to an actors success. Our online acting work revolves around on-camera techniques meant to prepare you for auditioning. That also means you don’t need to live in Los Angeles anymore!

Industry showcases

We hold regular online industry showcases where we invite award winning agents and managers to meet our performers. It’s also why we are selective in our new talent auditions. And what sets us apart from everyone else. Our showcases give our talent an exciting goal to work towards. With our talents hard work resulting in callbacks and even representation.

Attention to detail

From having the right head shots, a proper self-tape setup, or building your first reel this is a detail oriented industry. And our team is here to make sure you have every tool you need as an actor. Your resume, acting reel, or head shots shouldn’t hold you back. Neither should not having them. That’s why we are here to help. Every step of the way.

Join us for an audition

Wondering if acting is for you? Or maybe you have already begun your journey and just need a bit more help. There is a place for everyone here at The Talent Spot. Join one of our regular auditions, and learn what it’s like to work with us! Click the link below to register, and memorize a script. If we decide to work with you, we offer affordable training and development programs for talent of all skill levels, customized to your needs. And when you are ready, we will invite you to perform for the agents and managers we work with. Good luck!

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